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The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Don’t quote scripture to critique the church if you don’t know that you’re quoting it wrong to begin with.

Yeah well the church sure seems to love money but don’t seem never do anything to benefit the community with it, but i see them Pastors rolling around with brand new Bentley. 

When these discussion take place, people bring up mega churches as though they are the only churches in the world. 
There are  litterally hundreds if not thousands of broke churches with small/aging congregations where the pastor is working one if not two jobs. 
Sip your tea and think again before coming for me. 

Ain’t no one “coming for you” boo, i’m allowed to voice my opinion too. I’m not talking about mega churches, i’m talking about local ones, I’ve been to several all over the country and they always asking for more and more money but a very small amount of it, if any goes back to the community or into improving the church.
I’m not going to play the “not all churches” game. But let’s not pretend like churches are exactly the most caring and honest organizations on earth. I mean Westboro Baptist is a church too, churches are also the people who are responsible for a lot of the evil and cultural stripping across the globe. 

Its always somebody putting they 2 cents in the mix standing up for churches yet it was white folks who handed us the good book and we got left in chains ( physically and mentally) and our motherland was raped of resources. Yet yall still believe everything in the good book, but what good has it really done for us?

onlyblackgirl I’m sorry for the quick retort. I had the screen inhalf and didn’t catch all of what you said
afrotumble the black christian church predates slavery.  The Christianity that slaves were given was limited to scriptures that would keep them in bondage and obedient. IT was not the entire bible. Part of the reason they slaves were not permitted to read, is that whole part about Moses setting the slaves Free and God calling the slaves his chosen people.  Then there are scriptures about who the son set’s free is free indeed etc. God was not for  the slavery that our ancestors was under. 
Furthermore, once the slaves were permitted to read and found out the truth I’m pretty sure it was the faith that God would get them out that spurned  lot of them on. It’s how song’s like Wade in the Water got a lot of people to freedom. 
I’ll admit there are a lot of thing wrong with the black church. Sexism, misogyny homophobia, pedophilia, a lack of discussion if not denial of mental health being an issue, silence between denominations,  in activeness in the community, respectability politics, etc.
But the myth that black mega church’s is a norm is just that a myth and that whole if slavery hadn’t happened black Christians just wouldn’t be thing is a myth too. 
"Christian" colonizers did and have abused the bible as have Muslim colonizers as have abused the Koran when they had african slaves as well.
I understand why people may not want to go to church. I really do. But don’t let these two things be the reason why.

Queen I love you but…no. I was staying out of this but that bolded got me fired up. That is absolutely bullshit and you are better than that.
You don’t get to put scare quotes around “Christian” and pull No True Scotsman bullshit to distance yourself as a Christian from the people who enslaved and colonized our ancestors and tried to sever them from their gods to the point where they had to be hidden and buried and disguised as saints and our practices given a thin coat of monotheist respectability. So what if they picked and chose what they wanted from the Bible and twisted it to serve their own ends? Even the most benign Christians do that. Not one of you takes every word of it literally, even those of you who call yourselves literalists. If Muslim colonizers abused the Koran when they held African slaves and were truly Muslim (as your distinct lack of scare quotes around that word indicates), then self-professed Christians did the same thing with the Bible, and no amount of trying to disown them will change that.
That is the kind of church-bred hypocrisy that drives us away. You don’t get to say, “these people weren’t really Christian”. If they bought into the Nicene Creed, they were Christian, and you have to accept that you worship at the foot of the same cross they did. No, not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but we’re not talking about Heaven, we’re talking about planet Earth and who counts themselves as members of what has been the dominant religious institution in the Western world for the last 1500 or so years. Those imperialist European butchers did, and what they did to our ancestors, they did in the name of that religion, whether you like it or not.
I know about the history of the Ethiopian church, I know that Christianity in Africa predates chattel slavery. I was born into and raised in and baptised in the church and I’m familiar with all of these issues. So don’t mistake me for an ankh despite the fact that I wear them. I respect the history of the black church in our community and I respect that many black folks find comfort in it, I would never tell you to give up your faith. Faith is deeply personal and complicated for all of us no matter which one we believe in. But you don’t get to tell black folks who have chosen to walk away from Christianity that its brutal history with our ancestors and the role it played in genocide against our people shouldn’t be an issue for us. No one gets to tell us that, I don’t care what your creed or color is. For some of us, it’s a dealbreaker, to put it mildly.

I love you back and it’s okay. We’re not going to agree on everything. I can understand why it can be a deal breaker.  I just think that beyond even the ethipoian church, we it’s like we limit how African people traveled, traded, and taught throughout history. There were black Christians that became so because of where they went and people they encountered.  
I’m just saying it wasn’t all because of colonization, though I understand why it can be a deal breaker.
The quotations were put in to place because there were those that subscribed to Christianity for political reasons for the same reasons politicians do currently. 


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Zanerobe : Styled by Street Etiquette 001 - L.A 

About two weeks we went on the road with our Aussie brothers, Zanerobe most notable for their sureshot pants (joggers) with a super laid back style between casual and formal. We traveled from LA, Portland and finally Seattle on a three city shoot with clothes from their monochrome collection   

Photography by Christopher Parsons

Sept. 17 1:10 pm




A dress designed to change color in the rain, thanks to dye sewn into 
the seams. Created by Sean Kelly, Modeled by Angelica Guillen-Jimenez

this was so iconic, i’m glad i was alive for it